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A Classroom Lecture

Poison the body - Poison the soul!

No matter what substance you introduce into your body you are taking a big chance of harming/killing yourself.  We are speaking about drugs-alcohol, marijuana, heroin, prescription pill abuse, etc.

  • The substances (drugs and alcohol) declared illegal and destructive by the FDA are the ones we talk about when we visit you.

  • Each situation is different so we modify the educational materials to your expectation.

  • One thing is certain, we will not tell you ingesting these drugs will be okay.

  • The body is not designed to take in anything we happen to find along the way in life.  There are specific things that in moderation will only slightly poison you.  That's right-poison you.  The question is "Do you really know how much you can take?"  Why would anyone pull a trigger on a loaded gun pointed at their body?  That is what taking illegal substances can do to you.  That's right-it can kill you.

Our educational presentation on opioid addiction, overdose and deaths are startlingly effective.

  • The presentation directs your mind to consider (maybe for the first time) "Why would I want to risk taking this stuff?"

  • We also speak the truth about the criminal motivations of drug dealers and how they influence our culture.

  • For students hoping to have a successful life beyond high school education, we endeavor to motivate them to look at how bleak a future is after a drug related conviction.

  • Beyond speaking about the effect on them, we also incorporate an understanding of what a community signifies to us.  How can we help those around us?  Every day we run into others that are becoming slaves to addictions.  What is our responsibility to them?  Some of these people are classmates, co-workers, or our own brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.

Other important presentations.

  • Marijuana is becoming legalized in this state.  What will our children learn?  Are they going to view it as many view alcohol?  We speak to the gateway effect and how one can actually become addicted on this so called harmless substance.

  • Tobacco is another highly addictive product many people are losing the battle over.  Alcohol is the worst.

  • How many lives have been ruined over the time man has been hypnotized by the lure of drink?  We always speak to the reasons not to pick up that rattlesnake in the first place-it always bites you somehow.

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