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  • Pray for the Ministry of PCAP.

  • Become a PCAP Speaker/Representative.

  • Encourage Your Local School District to use the PAEF Program

  • Share the Ministry of PCAP with others.

  • Invite PCAP to YOUR Community Organization.

A message from
our president . . .

"If you own or work for a company that agrees with our mission of reaching young people please consider asking the company to make a donation."

Because PCAP exists through the financial support of people like you, we encourage

you to  . . .

  • Invite your church to support PCAP through . . .

  • A yearly Church Service

  • Have a PCAP Sunday!

  • Have PCAP included in your yearly Church/Mission Budget

  • Make a personal financial commitment to PCAP

  • Contact PCAP about planned giving through . . .

  • Wills

  • Insurance Policies

  • Endowments

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